The Company - Possum

About us

Possum is a 3rd generation family company with over 65 years experience and history. We are a company that specializes in the manufacture of belts and accessories for men, focused on satisfying the needs of the client, adapting to the tastes and fashion trends of the moment.

We are motivated by the desire to learn

At Possum, we imagine, design, produce and market our products to offer an exclusive, elegant item but above all to make the end user feel good and comfortable. They are products born of many hours of market research for consumers and the world of fashion, so dynamic and complicated which is a challenge to adapt to the production philosophy of a factory.

"They are products born of many hours of our research on the needs of the market and the world of fashion"


Throughout our history, we have been able to anticipate market changes; we are currently one of the biggest belt manufacturers in Spain and starting to have an international presence. Currently, we have a presence in more than 39 countries. We design, develop and manufacture belts for our own brand, as well as for other nationally and internationally recognised prestigious brands from the world of fashion

True to our roots

Our story started as a family business based in the town of Sax in Alicante, and our facilities are still located here. Since then we have developed our local roots and collaborated with the best professionals in our sector. Additionally we have constantly reinvested and accomplished continued improvement through the implementation of processes originating in Japanese culture. The result is a company recognised today as one of the leading Spanish belt manufacturers, known for the quality and design of their articles, as well as for their high degree of professionalism and friendly service.

"Responding to the needs of the client, adapting them to the tastes and trends of the moment has been, since our creation, one of our obsessions."

Our passion and customer service

Responding to the needs of our clients, adapting to their tastes and the trends of the moment has been, since our creation, one of our primary obsessions. We have invested substantial resources in search of effective solutions, studying the present and imagining the future. In this process there have been no failures, only difficulties to overcome. This is because we are people of action and, in short, at POSSUM we know that the best engine for our business is passion.

Typology of clients

The presence of our products is very varied due to the great diversity of our customers from large stores, traditional retailers and online customers to other belt manufacturers, etc. This makes our company a true specialist in our product. Our philosophy of continuous improvement forces our organizational structure to reinvent itself for each client, each season, and for each new product launched, meaning we accumulate a balance of experience and knowledge that makes us unique.

Our history

Our company started in 1955 as a small leather goods manufacturer (wallets and purses) in the attic of a bakery in Sax.

A few years later, in the 70's, we became known for our crocodile skin belts which were being sold in the thousands, especially in the Balearic Islands due to the great influx of German tourism.

A decade later, JJ Gil now manufactures for the biggest and most important retailers in Spain.

By the end of the 80's, we were the first manufacturers to sell belts through a catalogue. Thanks to this we had almost 1,800 clients in Spain.

By the 90s, JJ Gil was, for 2 consecutive years, the company that exported the most leather goods to the USA from the region of Valencia.

Due to its rapid growth, the company underwent a radical transformation, the materials and our production system were the centre of this transformation, and this helped us to become one of the most well-informed companies in Europe. Our facilities can fabricate any type of belt, from the most sophisticated and elegant models to handmade braided or exotic leather belts.

n 2003 we moved to our new and modern facilities occupying more than 7,500 square metres and the most technologically advanced equipment available, but also with optimal work conditions, pleasant and warm keeping a homely feel.


At Possum we know that a company's ability to generate value depends to a large extent on its choice of people. That is why we are committed to professionals that are willing to take ownership of corporate projects, people who are passionate about their work, and people who look for a way to achieve and grow every day. We offer them a great package of care and confidence, quality training and an excellent work environment, our working conditions are the best available, professional but also warm and friendly

At Possum we believe there is a new way of working that is changing the world. There is a new style that promotes collective intelligence using cooperation and feeding the creation of networks with which to share tasks, interests and fervour. This is a new method of envisaging work that requires flexibility, values ​​diversity and promotes personal development.

We know, because this is the way we work, searching for continuous improvement through teamwork, where the employee is the key to the production process and by extension, to the final product.

Our organizational structure is designed to promote collaboration, so that teams work to the same objective together in harmony. Only then, with passion and confidence, with teamwork and individual spark is it possible to achieve creativity and innovation.


We are a socially responsible company. We believe that the social responsibility of a company is much more than a declaration of intentions: it must be translated into deeds. That is why Possum scrupulously complies with the 10 principles of the Global Compact (The Global Compact, proposed by the United Nations) based on the defence of human rights, labour and environmental rights as well as fighting against corruption.

This commitment, to the search for a global corporate society is very recent; however, Possum's support to different charitable causes and our support for sport, culture and respect for the environment is established and has been ongoing for some time.

We also believe in the importance of solidarity and union, that is why we are active members of different business associations in which we strive to define objectives, share knowledge, create standards, strengthen the sector and its national and international presence.

Committed to sustainable development and the environment

Our commitment to sustainability has grown with us to be part of our way of thinking and working. To begin with, we demand that our suppliers comply with environmental requirements in accordance with JJ Gil's policy and work with them until they achieve this. Our materials are also selected so that they do not harm the environment.

In the productive processes, we have effectively implemented plans to reduce hazardous substances, packaging and waste, until they represent a negligible percentage in each kilo of processed product.

"Our commitment to sustainability has grown with us to be part of our way of thinking and working."

Also, thanks to our photovoltaic installation, a production of 160,000 kW / year is generated, avoiding the emission of 190,000 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. If this energy were generated by traditional means, it would take 9,500 trees to absorb this amount of CO2.

Although our manufacturing process does not have a very harmful impact on the environment, protection of the environment is integral to the company's Culture and Values. Protection of the environmental is a very important aspect in the development of our corporate strategy.

Our employees, through the Environmental Management System of the company, are aware of the environmental processes to follow to avoid any unnecessary environmental impact. This strategy is also made available to our suppliers and collaborators so that they can manufacture products according to the defined specifications that minimize environmental impact.

Our company works continuously in the development and incorporation of new technologies to decrease the impact of our manufacturing processes on the environment. For this development we analyze the life cycle of the company's products, identifying the points they generate greater consumption or emissions. In this way, the company focuses on reducing the impact on those processes that can most improve the environmental impact of the company.

Our facilities

Possum has a manufacturing facility of 7,500 square meters, equipped with the latest technology and with the latest environmental management systems. We have 5 different production lines according to the type of manufacturing, with a total production capacity of 1,000,000 units per year.

We have designed our company from the inside out, since we know that our workers form a fundamental part of our organization, creating a family atmosphere, close, with different environments to convey the feeling of "being at home."